Active against back pain

We at komovo are specialised back experts. We know from experience that it helps to actively do something against back pain.
That's why we have developed a unique device: tendo.
tendo helps you on your way to freedom from pain.

The tendo principle

tendo works on the principle of gravity. The hanging, upright position stretches your lower back while keeping you free to move. This unique concept makes it possible to combine regeneration, flexibility and strengthening exercises.

You control the intensity of the traction by using your legs. tendo allows a variety of exercises, also in combination with other equipment. The tendo method is gentle and effective at the same time.

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tendo Bundles

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Not sure whether tendo is right for you and want to test it first without obligation?

Order a loan device and try tendo for 2 weeks free of charge.

If you have any questions, we will also be happy to advise you via our chat.

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The tendo effect



tendo achieves a gentle stretching of the entire lumbar region. The spine, muscles and ligaments are relieved.





With tendo muscles, tendons and ligaments are loosened in the torso and pelvic area and a higher mobility is facilitated.


With tendo you can train the entire torso muscles with a lasting effect and the back can be strengthened for the daily strains.

  • Stefan Stecher - Planing+ Logistics

    "As I spend most of the day at the PC, I find it a relief for my back to be able to hang out in the tendo and do some exercises to go with it."

  • Martin Stauder - Hotelier

    "As a hotel owner, the well-being of my guests is very important to me. Therefore, I have decided to provide them with a tendo in the fitness room, which is very popular."

  • Julia Frank - Physiotherapist

    "I like to work with tendo.
    The intervertebral discs, as well as all cartilage structures in the human body, live from the alternation between loading and unloading. Even short applications exert a pulling effect on the lumbar spine through the effect of gravity and thus provide a balance to the sometimes high pressure loads of everyday life."

  • Dr. KarinSteckholzer - Specialist in internal medicine and cardiology

    "The tendo traction device is a simple solution for back problems. As a doctor, I recommend it very often to my patients. The targeted traction effectively relieves pain and improves mobility. I also use it personally and am impressed with the results. A reliable and efficient device for back health."

Get rid of your back pain and improve your quality of life.


Schenke deinen Mitarbeitern, Verwandten oder Freunden einen gesunden Rücken!

Frequently asked questions & answers


How and where can I attach tendo?

There are various mounting options for tendo. Depending on the spatial conditions, I need the right system: komovo multispot (by LA SIESTA) , komovo multistrap or komovo Calma (by LA SIESTA). The ceiling attachment (komovo multispot) contains screws and dowels and is professionally mounted on load-bearing material (e.g. concrete or strong wooden beams). tendo can then be hung quickly and easily. On strong branches and beams, tendo can be attached using the komovo multistrap. tendo can also be easily hooked into the free-standing frame (komovo Calma).

What is the minimum height required to hang tendo up?

Tendo should be hung at a height of 2 metres or higher.

Instructions for mounting komovo multispot - ceiling mounting

komovo multispot can be mounted with standard household tools and is suitable for mounting on a variety of surfaces. The triangular shape with 3 drill holes ensures optimum load distribution.

With the mounting set for installation on walls, ceilings or beams, tendo is extremely easy to put up and take down.

ceiling mounting


Can men and women use tendo?

Yes, TENDO can be used by either gender as an individual adjustment of the device is possible.
For women, we recommend a V-shaped setting so that there is more room for the breast. 
For people with a pear-shaped physique, we recommend an A-shaped setting. 
Try out the different options to get a comfortable fit.

Body types

Does one need help to use tendo?

One can use TENDO without any problems alone, as it is very easy to handle. To set the initial adjustments it is quite helpful if another person assists, however, it is also possible alone. 

How often and for how long can I use tendo?

tendo should be used daily to relieve and strengthen the back and prevent back problems.

The relief provided by tendo is very effective and beneficial after heavy physical strain, long periods of sitting or one-sided working postures, even several times a day.

The stretching phase takes a few minutes, in combination with mobilisation and strengthening exercises the training can last up to 15 minutes.


Against which types of back pain is the use of tendo suitable?

Most back pain is not a sign of a serious disease (85 - 90 % are non-specific). They are usually caused by dysfunctions in the moving parts of the spine (muscles, tendons and ligaments or joints). In all these cases, the use of TENDO to loosen and stretch the muscle chains involved, relieve the pressure on the intervertebral discs and mobilise the stressed joints is very useful.

Only very few back pains are due to spinal damage (specific back pain). Even in these cases, the use of TENDO can bring strong relief. E.g. for:

- Back pain caused by intervertebral discs

- Lumbago (acute back pain, "lumbago")

- Herniated disc with nerve pain (sciatica)

- Spinal canal stenosis, narrowing of the nerve exits (stenoses)

- Arthritis of the vertebral joint

In case of doubt, discuss with the attending doctor or therapist whether spinal traction is suitable.
In an acute pain phase, wait 1-2 days or do the warm-up exercises very carefully.

Can I also use tendo after a slipped disc?

The intervertebral discs are elastic cushions between the vertebral bodies. Through inappropriate weight-bearing or degenerative changes the anulus can tear and parts of the inside of the intervertebral disc enter the spinal canal. We speak of a slipped disc and this can lead to minor or major pain.

Even in these cases TENDO can create relief as the pressure on the intervertebral disc, and hence also on the spinal nerves, is reduced and the reduction of the prolapsed pulpous nucleus can be accelerated. 

Is tendo suitable for different body types?


Due to the different back parts, tendo can be adjusted in size. tendo can therefore be used by people with different body sizes. Simply order the appropriate back part (tendo size pad).
In addition, tendo can be easily adapted to different body types by adjusting the back section. 
For women, we recommend a V-shaped adjustment so that there is more room for the chest.
For people with a pear-shaped physique, we recommend an A-shaped adjustment.
Try out the different options to get the most comfortable fit.

Body types

Is tendo suitable for problems in the neck area?

With tendo you cannot achieve traction, mobilisation or strengthening in the neck area as the immobilisation of the body occurs in the chest area and is therefore only effective from that point on.
Nevertheless, a strengthening of the upper back can occur due to the support work during tendo use. 

For which conditions should training with tendo not be performed or only after consultation with a doctor?

- Severe neurological symptoms (inner thigh numbness, bladder and rectal dysfunction).

- Spinal cord compression

- Spinal tumours, infections, TB

- Rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis

- Unhealed fracture

- Osteoporosis

Are there scientifically proven effects of traction treatment?

There are many studies that prove that traction treatment has an effect.

Traction with tendo has a positive effect on the following areas:


Intervertebral disc

- Intervertebral disc protrusions: Decrease of intervertebral disc protrusions

- Nutrition: Osmotic pressure increases, the inflow of water is increased = improvement of intervertebral disc nutrition

- Intervertebral disc pressure: Decrease in external intervertebral disc pressure

- Healing of intervertebral disc tears: Stretching of disc fibres - stimulates collagen (connective tissue) synthesis.

- Improvement of shock absorption: pores of the intervertebral disc ring become smaller, thus improving water retention.

- Stability: by increasing height, ligaments are tightened again = more stability.


Nerve root, nerve canal, vertebral joints, blood circulation

- Decrease in swelling of ligaments and fat cushions in the nerve canal, less compression on nerve root

- Increase in the space between the vertebrae

- Enlargement of the spinal canal

- Enlargement of the exit canals of the spinal nerves

- Flushing of the nerve canal, improvement of venous outflow


Vertebral joints - increase in space

- Relief of the vertebral joints by increasing the space between the vertebral joints

- Stimulation of the receptors in the joint capsules = pain relief


Muscle chains - fascia

- Stretching of the ventral, dorsal and lateral muscle chains

- Loosening of stuck and matted fasciae


Take your back health into your own hands.