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tendo home

tendo home

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tendo - Rückenentlastung (Größe)
tendo - Rückenentlastung (Farbe)
Zweites tendo Size Pad zur Größenanpassung (Größe)

What you get in the bundle:


  • tendo: Traction device for relieving, mobilising and strengthening the lower back.
  • Multispot ceiling attachment: This TÜV-approved product is suitable for mounting on concrete ceilings or wooden beams.
  • Second back section Size Pad so that everyone in the family can use tendo in the right size.
  • tendo carry bag: tendo can be conveniently stored or transported in this practical bag.
  • dorsan active: circulation-promoting cream with a warming effect. Contributes to greater well-being and relaxation.
  • Free video instructions for training with tendo.

 With tendo home, you have everything you need to actively do something about your back pain at home at any time.

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