How use it

Can men and women use tendo?

Yes, TENDO can be used by either gender as an individual adjustment of the device is possible.
For women, we recommend a V-shaped setting so that there is more room for the breast. 
For people with a pear-shaped physique, we recommend an A-shaped setting. 
Try out the different options to get a comfortable fit.

Body types

Does one need help to use tendo?

One can use TENDO without any problems alone, as it is very easy to handle. To set the initial adjustments it is quite helpful if another person assists, however, it is also possible alone. 

How often and for how long can I use tendo?

tendo should be used daily to relieve and strengthen the back and prevent back problems.

The relief provided by tendo is very effective and beneficial after heavy physical strain, long periods of sitting or one-sided working postures, even several times a day.

The stretching phase takes a few minutes, in combination with mobilisation and strengthening exercises the training can last up to 15 minutes.