How and where can I attach tendo?

There are various mounting options for tendo. Depending on the spatial conditions, I need the right system: komovo multispot (by LA SIESTA) , komovo multistrap or komovo Calma (by LA SIESTA). The ceiling attachment (komovo multispot) contains screws and dowels and is professionally mounted on load-bearing material (e.g. concrete or strong wooden beams). tendo can then be hung quickly and easily. On strong branches and beams, tendo can be attached using the komovo multistrap. tendo can also be easily hooked into the free-standing frame (komovo Calma).

What is the minimum height required to hang tendo up?

Tendo should be hung at a height of 2 metres or higher.

Instructions for mounting komovo multispot - ceiling mounting

komovo multispot can be mounted with standard household tools and is suitable for mounting on a variety of surfaces. The triangular shape with 3 drill holes ensures optimum load distribution.

With the mounting set for installation on walls, ceilings or beams, tendo is extremely easy to put up and take down.

ceiling mounting